Sunday, October 01, 2006

Personal Pediatrics Provides All in One Concierge Model technology solution

As consumers discover the benefits of combining a high deductible plan and Medical Savings account with a high tech traveling Personal Pediatrics affiliate Physician's services, the full coverage insurance plan will die a speedy death. Why should any family in America spend 12,000$ a year for a healthy family of four to sit hours in a doctors waiting room for a brief visit with a nurse practitioner?? As our system expands and consumers become aware of the alternative convenience and excellent communication that our doctors provide, sitting in a busy pediatric office with a multitude of ill and contagious children will be a thing of the past. Our affiliate physicians utilize a patented system of paperless medical recordkeeping and cutting edge software that enables travel AND cutting edge medicine. Dr. Natalie Hodge in St. Louis is Practicing Personal Pediatrics Care in St. Louis and is the prototype for the Pediatrician of the Future. Pregnant mom's will deliver and have attentive in hospital care followed up by at home visits so appreciated in the delicate bonding phase of the first month of a baby's life. This enables breastfeeding to become well established and is especially convenient for a mom with other toddlers at home. "Personal Pediatrics...The Pediatrician of the Past and Future...Today"

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