Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Personal Pediatrics Leads the House Call Revolution

It is interesting to me that physicians have allowed insurers to lead the way in storing the "medical record " for the American public. United healthcare group has announced they will "give physicians access" to this data. Why would any pediatrician not have control of the content of each of their patients electronic medical record, as well as give families content rich web based education about their child's health? Why would any pediatrician not enable their patients families to have password protected access to their child's medical record?? What pediatrician would not want the cost savings that this function creates in practice overhead?? ( read: about 100 grand a year in staffing?? Why are pediatricians continuing to pay 250,000 yearly ( this is average) in overhead that is a result of outdated systems?? ( practicing in the same paper environment as MD's 50 years ago??) There is an interesing title to a healthcare blog that I like to follow by Roberto Ruggeri at Microsoft His subtitle I believe must be directed to healthcare professionals, " Healthcare IT Happens, Whether You Like It or Not" Take a look at and watch our story as it unfolds!! Natalie Hodge MD Saint Louis, Personal Pediatrics affiliate pediatrician

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