Saturday, October 07, 2006

House Call Nation

Families in my house call practice always ask me "Why are you the first person to start making pediatric house calls" as an exclusive practice? Who knows? I think pediatricians are so steeped in the dysfunction of their offices that it is hard to look outside of that. Many pediatrics offices in St. Louis have found that nurse practitioners are quite profitable and employ them to see their patients for them. Nurse call lines at night take many of the phone calls for emergencies for offices as well. Parents notice that they can rarely speak to their doctor of choice. A new generation of pediatricians is cropping up using the Personal Pediatrics administrative support system. This frees a pediatrician from the office and enables a return to a simpler relationship with patients, providing house calls. Our patented system of hardware and software drops the bottom out of wasteful office staffing costs. Families pay for services that insurers are unwilling to cover as email access and direct cell phone access. Watch the Personal Pediatrics Story as it unfolds across the Nation.

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