Sunday, October 29, 2006

Medical Economics Salary Updates For Physicians

The 2005 data for physician salaries is now available from Medical Economics. There seems to be slight improvement for pediatrician salaries, by one percent. Of course this is quite outpaced by inflation, at 3 and a half percent. The pressure for pediatricians is on for further increasing "effiency" and this seems to be the method by which practices eeked out this gain. Squeeze a few more patients into your waiting room and spend 30 seconds less time with each one. The article references all the ways that these efficiencies can be had, for example hire another nurse to "run interference" while you're seeing patients. It seems that our culture has turned the practice of medicine into a football game. For more about the article check out Pediatricians burned out by the futility of our current disease based insurance network "sick care" may want to pursue a cutting edge administrative support system provided by St. Louis based Personal Pediatrics. This drastically cuts your overhead and enables you the time for prevention, nutrition, and relationship building in your private practice. Why enable a hospital to control your professional destiny?? Why provide another winter of "sick care?" Let's raise a generation of nutrition minded healthy children through a system that rewards your preventive efforts and great bedside manner. Natalie Hodge MD Personal Pediatrics affiliate pediatrician, St. Louis

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