Monday, October 02, 2006

Personal Pediatrics= House call Pediatricians

Personal Pediatrics= House call Pediatricians Here's the thing: I'm noting today an article about a COMMON occurrence among insurers. A woman in Southern California found herself dropped from her health insurance coverage when it was disovered she had an expensive chronic illness. Healthy people are the ones that enable health insurance carriers to charge 13,000 grand a year and STILL manage to pay their investors out 30 cents on the dollar. This happens in the pediatics field commonly. I find families that don't want to have their child to have a diagnosis of asthma due to inability to get coverage by insurers. Here's a tip!!! Why would anyone in their right mind pay BCBS 13 grand a year when you can get catastrophic coverage for 4 grand and pay your doctors dirctly out of a Medical Savings Account that links to a credit card??? Better yet, get the credit card that links to your new MSA that you can gain airline miles with and take your family to the south of france for a vacation instead of subsidizing those BCBS investors with YOUR money. Isn't it time that consumers had a choice of pediatricians for their babies and children that answer cell phone calls, make house calls, provide unprecedented service and medical expertise in a model that is tax friendly?? ( READ TAX DEDUCTIBLE) Consider the Personal Pediatrics administrative system. Remember your full coverage insurance pays for an hour wait to see a nurse in 2006. Wouldn't you like to see your child's doctor have an allegience to YOU and YOUR family instead of bowing to the whim of insurers?? Are you tired of your child's doctor saying" Your insurance company won't pay for that shot or reimburse for that visit?" Get ready for " The Pediatrician of the Past and Future...Today"

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