Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bill Crounse at Microsoft predicts the Personal Pediatrics Trend

I've just been reading Bill Crounse's Blog at Microsoft, Head of Healthcare Innovation. He makes some interesting predictions which are in line with the proliferation of the Personal Pediatrics admiistrative support system. First that we are looking at the end of health care insurance as we know it, or as "we used to know it." He says that this shift will enable a new generation of healthcare providers to compete for consumer directed care options. Second that wireless systems will completely revolutionize healthcare delivery. This alludes to the PP administrative support system, the pediatrician of the future with a treo and a laptop. Why should anyone's sick child sit in a waiting room full of sick kids when our Personal Pediatrics affiliate physicians bring care right to your doorstep?? Mine don't. Of course, their mother is the pediatrician of the future, right?? We commit to utilizing resources at Microsoft to continually update our systems and bring our families greater service. Take a look at www.personalpediatrics .com and watch as our story unfolds!! Natalie Hodge MD Pediatrician of the Future... St. Louis

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