Friday, October 20, 2006

Kaiser Family Foundation Poll finds many Americans Dissatisfied with Healthcare

I ran across this today. A poll by Kaiser Family Foundation finds that Americans are universally dissatisfied with their quality of healthcare. A second finding by the study finds Americans are worried about rising healthcare costs. These two issues have become common catchphrases for the those commenting on the healthcare industry. Well if we are SO dissatisfied with the care that Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and United Health Care are providing via doctors accepting their in network services, ( wait an hour to see a nurse for five minutes) then why are we continuing to pay our health insurers increasing premiums for care?? Any one who pays BCBS 13 and a half grand in 2007 for a healthy family of four must be out of their gourd. If you want a quality doctor that you can spend time with, why not spend more money on your doctor directly?? Combine this with catastrophic insurance and actually save money. Remember that health insurers like to call these plans "rate savers" to imply that one must be cheap or stupid to need to utilize such an "inferior" insurance product. Consider a new breed of pediatrician that makes house calls, communicates by email and is available for families. Watch and sign up for our newsletter to see how you can get a personal pediatrics affiliate pediatrician practicing in your neighborhood today. Some people call this concierge medicine. We like to call it common sense. Natalie Hodge MD

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