Sunday, October 22, 2006

Global Healthcare Stands at a Crossroads

Global healthcare stands at a crossroad. Rising costs, aging populations, and an antiquated healthcare system have put pressure on governments, businesses and society to make significant changes in the delivery of care.

Which direction will the industry take?

Acure, an IBM subsidiary, helped create the Danish National e-Health Portal, which provides a central, highly secure Internet site where citizens can manage all of their healthcare needs. And every hospital makes its electronic patient records available through the system, allowing physicians to instantly determine a patient’s health history and records, regardless of which provider they’ve previously visited.

I found this on a blogpost taken from IBM's intranet. I suppose in Americaour capitalistic nature dictates that since there is an 8 billion dollar market for e software/hardware solutions, every one wants a piece of that pie. I suppose this is better for our marketplace to create secure patient portals, because we sure as hell can't sit around and wait for our government to provide that for us. The Personal Pediatrics Administrative support system is a timely solution for families who want communication with their doctor, home visits, electronic accessto their child's medical records, and a commitment to personalized preventive medicine. The relationship between the pediatrician and patient in this system is "Pure" because there is no insurance company to deny preventive claims and skew care towards handling only acute illnesses as in our current system. Watch for our growing network of affiliate pediaticians who embrace the future and raise a generation of nutrition and prevention saavy children and families. Some people have called this "Concierge Medicine" We just call it common sense. Natalie Hodge Personal Pediatrics Affiliate Pediatrician St. Louis
s that since there is an estimatede 8 billion dollar market for software systems as the above,

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