Monday, October 16, 2006

Blue Cross Blue Shield Wants to make Health Insurance Mandatory

BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota suggested that Minnesotans should be required by law to have health insurance..... Visit for more information

This makes me chuckle. A health insurance company wants to make buying health Insurance Mandatory!! Maybe life insurers should make life insurance mandatory TOO! How dare any family in this country not pay 13,500 dollars yearly to Blue Cross Blue Shield so that they can turn around and pay 30 cents on the dollar back to insurers?? How dare any family not make Blue Cross in network physicians (who are contracting out all their visits to nurses to remain profitable )be in charge of their children's care?Here's some news for insurers... The expertise of the Personal Pediatrics afiliate physicians is valuable and sought after by families who have not been fooled by the scam of health insurance in america. Why no pay your Personal Pediatrics affiliate Pediatrician directly for personalized service, house calls, email access and continuity of care?? Why not combine this care with a high deductible plan and save money?? Take a look at and watch our story as it evolves! Natalie Hodge MD

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Cher said...

If anything, it should be mandatory that all employers offer it all employees on some level. There is no way that most Americans could afford to pay the premiums that an individual purchasing health insurance would have to pay!