Wednesday, October 18, 2006

'We've got to adopt health information technology, and get on with it'
The price tag remains the single most significant barrier to electronic medical record system adoption by physicians today, two leaders of prominent physician organizations said Tuesday. William F. Jessee, MD, president and CEO of the Medical Group Management Association, and Douglas Henley, MD, executive vice president of the American Academy of Family Physicians, were part of a panel speaking to AHIMA members at their annual meeting in Denver.
October 11, 2006
Healthcare IT News

This is a difficult issue for physicians. It is easier to adopt the costly new technology if the technology actually enables the provider to create better service and communication for their patients, ( whom I now like to call " clients" or even better "Customers") EMR adoption will be quick when doc's are shown how to make improved incomes and provide service that is unprecedented in healthcare today. In healthcare generally doctors talk about " patients" like the commoditized " number" they have become. Health Insurers have " Customers' and "clients. " Doctors have "Patients." Doctors do not consider " patients" to be "Clients." Why not adopt an electronic medical record system that actually revolutionizes the way in which you deliver care. Why not utilize a service that DRASTICALLY reduces your practice overhead. Eliminate the poor performers in your office staff and allow the computer system to handle your data rather than your outdated, grumpy staff. Remember what happened to tellers when the banking industry revolutionized itself?? Families will always need the expertise of a pediatrician. They more and more will demand improved communication and pay you directly rather than Blue Cross Blue Shield. BCBS provides an hour wait to see a nurse for five minutes in 2006. Take a look at and watch our story as it unfolds!! Warm Regards, Dr. Hodge

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