Monday, August 31, 2009

Mayo Clinic Transformation Symposium

We have been utilizing twitter for market research for our affiliate network of pediatricians, gauge consumer interest, get feedback on our web development, and promote launch of our new site, www.personalmedicineinternational.

The implications of physician use to broadcast information to patients is tremendous. and this all has massive implications in reduction of staff cost and supports our "staffless" iphone platform house call model. Our platform features integrated social media applications for our affiliate use in practice, as well as integrated online community for patient and physician satisfaction.

I hope you will come and hear me speak at the Mayo Clinic on September 15th.

David Rosenman at Mayo's innovation center considers this new way of practice a " microchoice" and suggests in his and

a section entitled " content community commerce care and choices"

We are talking about the marriage of Health 2.0 consumer internet applications, with the HIT industry of applications physicians use to practice medicine. All rolled into the first cloud based mobile practice platform for physicians and consumers.

Hope to see you there, Natalie Hodge MD FAAP