Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dr. Hodge Asks candidates about portal and healthcare IT implementation

Spent some time advising Imedexchange as a MD online community expert and asked a presidential candidate about implementing healthcare portals for patient service. Got a typical runaround answer of a politician. What's new here? Concierge pediatrics will be the easiest way for pediatricians to implement a streamlined and informational healthcare portal for the parents of their babies and children. National health may save us at some point, but we can't wait for the government to step in for us. It will take some Gates Foundation money to make that happen, and hopefully before our rising infant mortality rates in inner cities get any worse... Natalie Hodge MD


If I were as smart as the Tech Crunch guy or Guy Kawasaki, I would know how to get that You tube video in here right, but I'm a work in progress.