Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Personal Pediatrics House Call System Enabled by Self Employed and Business Owners

Self Employment and Business Ownershipenables proliferation of the Personal Pediatrics House call administrative support system, because those that are self employed and business owners will be the first to open their eyes to the unsustainable nature of the current rate of rise of insurance premiums. These families are personally responsible for their healtcare costs such that they are sifting into the 4 grand a year high deductible plans. I like to call these "Hit by the bus plans." This enables a family to put four or five grand into a Medical Savings account and then link it to a credit card which is used to then pay their doctors directly, all out of pretax dollars. Most of the families in my house call practice have made this switch and are finding that they have me at their house for an hour with their child with an attentive visit that is personalized for NOT MUCH MORE than they were paying before with full coverage insurance. Full coverage insurance in 2007 provides an hour wait to see a nurse for five minutes. Take a look at www.personalpediatrics.com and watch our story as it unfolds. Natalie Hodge MD, St. Louis PersonalPediatrics Affiliate House Call Pediatrician

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