Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Personal Pediatrics Provides Personalized Medical Care for Children

Personal Pediatrics= House call Pediatricians
Personal Pediatrics= House call Pediatricians

House Call Pediatricians will not sit around and wait for a bill to be passed to provide payment for adopting a system in which patients may access their medical records through the web!! Watch as our story unfolds. Natalie Hodge MD St. Louis Personal Pediatrics Affiliate Pediatrician

Although the growing trend toward systems interoperability will allow physicians to move a patient's data from their electronic health record into a patient's [personal health record] with the ease of a mouse click, private practices and clinics in particular should be able to receive compensation for their efforts in adopting healthcare information technology. Maximizing the value of PHRs, which can increase the quality of care, requires continuous physician input."

-- Blackford Middleton, M.D., chairman of the Center for Information Technology Leadership, commenting on a bill introduced late last month by Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) that would offer financial incentives to physicians who establish interactive electronic personal health records. Middleton's comments were included in a statement issued Oct. 18 by InterComponentWare AG, an international e-health firm

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