Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Healthcare Professionals Fight Back

It seems there are many ways that physicians are fighting back against insurers that undervalue our services by continuing to cut reimbursement. I just read that in Atlanta doctors are resorting to class action lawsuits against insurers for misrepresentation and JUST NOT PAYING CLAIMS, bottom line. Pediatricians wrestle with this issues as well. This is a new adaptation I was not familiar with. So in private practice you can do one of four things. 1. See more and more patients spend less time with each 2. Hire a nurse to see all your patients for you, this is a favorite amongst pediatricians in St. Louis. 3. Sue insurers in a class action lawsuit as doc's in Atlanta are doing and pray that you win and get some money out of it to make up for all those lost billings. 4. You can do all of the above or any combination of the above with lots of whining and complaining for the rest of your life. OOps I forgot, what about patients, what about people, what about the children that you are caring for, festering in your waiting rooms for hours??? Here's the best option for pediatricians, stop adapting to the whims of the insurers and do the best for patients, contract with them directly for services or utilize Personal Pediatrics administrative support solution to convert your practice over to a low cost paperless house call system which provides incredible service for clients, drastically reduces your financial reliance on insurers, and enables you to connect with families in a way that is not COMPROMISED by your contracts with insurers. Take a look at www.personalpediatrics.com and see what our pediatricians are doing about childhood obesity. Remember that insurers have limited your ability to care and prevent pediatric obesity in the way you wish was possible. Natalie Hodge MD St. Louis "The Pediatrician of the Past and Future...Today."

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