Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Personal Pediatrics Invest in Your Child's Healthcare Rather Than Sick Care

The Personal Pediatrics administrative support system enables pediatricians to return to a simpler form of practice with a focus on relationships and prevention. These are two important aspects of care that our conventional health insurers have distanced physicians and consumers from. My AIS newsletter today carries the headline...

"Wellness Coupled With Consumer-Directed Care Yields Lower Costs, Healthier Members"

As much as 70% of all health care costs is related to personal health behaviors.

In conventional pediatrics remember that your doctor wants your child to be sick, because this is how he makes money. Imagine a pediatrician that makes house calls and enables your child to be healthier??

Watch for an affiliate house call pediatrician coming to your neighborhood soon. Natalie Hodge MD Personal Pediatrics affiliate pediatrician St. Louis

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