Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Docs Slow to adapt EMR due to hardware/software costs

Here's a newsflash...

"Health care advocates have long encouraged physicians
to switch to computerized medical records, saying they
could improve patient care and increase efficiency.
Doctors, however, have been more concerned about the
high price tag - often more than $20,000 per physician
for software, hardware and Internet connections - as
well as having to maintain a computer network. Surveys
estimate less than 20 percent of doctors have fully
automated their offices.

"They're saying, 'I'm shelling out the money and
everybody else is getting the benefits,'" said Tom
Leary, director of federal affairs for industry group
Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society."

As a former in network pediatrician running on the treadmill of Blue Cross Blue Shield, I can sympathize with doc's who say no to the EMR from the standpoint of upfront hardware costs. Consider another solution for your pediatrics practice... The Personal Pediatrics administrative support system which is an adaptation of our common EMR systems. The difference is that Personal Pediatrics shows you how to get off the Blue Cross Blue Shield treadmill of 40 pediatric patients a day, and create strong relationshiops with your clients, practice medicine in a nurturing, more grafifying environment. The Conventional EMR shows you how to see even more patients for even LESS and LESS money!! The Personal Pediatrics administrative support system flip flops your entire overhead structure of your office. It eliminates most of it through our web based portal. Rather than working three and a half days for overhead and one and a half for take home as most pediatrics offices do, you're working one half day for overhead and four and a half for revenue... Do you want the hospitals to own you at a higher level by purchasing your emr for you?
Personal Pediatrics, the Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today. Natalie Hodge MD St. Louis Personal Pediatrics Affiliate Pediatrician

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