Sunday, November 12, 2006

Physician morale at all time low

I'm just reading an article in Modern Healthcare today that addresses the low morale of physicians in practice today. Six of ten physicians are considering leaving practice due to the long list of concerns that we read about daily in the newxpapers ad nauseum. Loss of autonomy and frustrating tangles of red tape paired with low reimbursements and long hours are the top of every pediatrician's list. One doc's quote reads" One thing that rarely gets mentioned is that unlike other industries that are cyclical, the practice of medicine gets continually gworse and worse...more intolerable, more onerous, with absolutely no hope or reason for any optimism in the near or remote future" This makes me so sad to read. We at Personal Pediatrics would never be so bold to say that we have a "fix' for " healthcare" but our targeted solution for pediatricians and their patients is loght at the end of a long dismal tunnel that many in practice will find refreshing. The Personal Pediatrics network of doctors utilize our tech platform that enables a return to a simpler form of pediatrics practice, the house call. Our retainer-based system providing administrative support for pediatricians eliminates the entire overhead structure of the busy pediatrics office and essentially shunts money away from health insurers and directly into the pockets of our doctors. Take a look at Personal Pediatrics and watch our story as it unfolds! Natalie Hodge MD

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