Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pediatricians Bottom of Barrell Salary for Doctors

Look at this:

Meanwhile, United said Nov. 8 that incoming CEO Stephen Hemsley had signed a four-year employment agreement and agreed to reprice his stock options through 2002, bringing the value of his options down by $190 million. In addition, CFO Patrick Erlandson resigned and will be replaced by G. Mike Mikan, United's senior vice Bof finance. Forrest Burke has been designated acting general counsel for the company. Robert Dapper, United's senior human resource leader, is retiring, the firm added.

United Health Care's CEO has REALLY sacrificed to bring his options down to 190 million. Lord, how will he live on such a scant amount of money? 40 % of pediatricians make less than 125 grand a year. We have played the pawn for the health insurance industry way too long. It's time for The Pediatrician of the Past and Future...Today.

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