Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Health Insurer CEO's top dollar pay

I was just talking to a retired surgeon about the state of healthcare. This is a guy who has been accepting insurance reimbursement for decades and was slowly put out of business by the pressures of in- network medicine. It strikes me as I read about CEO salaries in the Health Insurance industry, you will see these numbers like 8 million and 10 million in pay! Why would ANY physician in their right mind accept assignment for the insurance industry and enable shareholders to squeeze them to see so many patients that you put YOUR good name at risk?? This baffles me. The status quo in medicine right now places a real threat to your malpractice risk. If you don't have a RELATIONSHIP with your patients and they blow through your office disgruntled with unanswered questions what do you think is going to happen when there is a bad outcome?? There are multiples solutions coming for patients and doctors as our dysfunctional industry evolves. Take a look at the Personal Pediatrics administrative support solution for Pediatricians. We have negotiated preferential rates for our affiliate physicians in Missouri. Now this was not so hard to do. When I went to my med mal insurer and told him how I was practicing, making house calls, reducing my patient population, leaving my insurance network affiliations, contracting with patients directly through a yearly retainer, he was TICKLED PINK. Yes, Dr. Hodge here's a 20 percent discount for you, because he knows I am a lower risk! This will play out nationally as we bring on house call affiliates and negotiate preferential rates for our affiliates in other states. Take control of your life and your practice, slashing overhead and move into the future of pediatric medicine. Create a legacy for your family that you can be proud of, not to mention a practice that you can actually SELL at retirement because it will be PROFITABLE. Natalie Hodge MD St. Louis Personal Pediatrics House Call Affiliate

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