Saturday, September 30, 2006

High End Hospitals Committed to Concierge Medical Care

Inevitably Health Care is Shifting to the Consumer Directed model as insurance rates rise. I was quoted 1350$ monthly for a family of four for coverage for 2007. That's around 15,000 dollars yearly. Why not combine Blue Cross Blue Shield's High deductible plan for four grand and pay your doctors directly to retain a high level of service and attentiveness?? The rise of the concierge model for care on the West Coast has led to a continued trend in adult medicine. Pediatricians will be looking at the model next. Consider a turkey administrative support solution by Personal Pediatrics Based in St Louis Missouri. This growing network of pediatricians makes house calls, answers email and spends unprecedented time with families. The arguments against the concierge model say that it is elitist. Notably several of our national private brand name hospitals as Mayo Clinic and John's Hopkins are aggressively marketing the concierge medicine model for their clinics, flying in oil sheiks from the middle east and recruiting patients from Europe for expensive second opinions. The bottom line is that due to our reimbursement climate both hospitals and private practitioners must actively evolve. This is survival of the fittest and only through innovation and service will a healthcare system come out on top. ( Notice I did not say by continuing to stay in their futile insurance networks that furthur devalue the healthcare services rendered) Consider Personal Pediatrics administrative support system, enabling "The Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today"

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