Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Pediatrician of the Past and Future... today.

The critics of retainer based medicine do not seem to appreciate the gravity of the crisis of primary care in America. Sucessful business will evolve out of the dysfunctional medical system. This was essentially Bill Gates premise when he wrote Business at the Speed of Thought. Paperless systems will enable the medical profession to create incredible services for consumers. The problem is that our medical system's dependency on insurers cause the focus of paperless systems for physicians to be on those of " efficiency." The translation of " efficiency" for primary care physicians is to farm patients in and out of the office as quickly as possible, like CATTLE. The commoditization of healthcare is partly what is leading to the demise of Primary care as we know it. Midlevel providers will become the new caregivers for the in network system. Physicians will either oversee a nurse staffed system or will utilize retainer based systems to see patients. Personal Pediatrics is a turn-key administrative support solution for pediatricians to maintain a retainer based or concierge model of pediatrics that is low cost and provides customized solutions for today's busy family. For more about the Personal Pediatrics solution and to become "The Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today" take a peek at www.personal

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