Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pediatrician in St Louis - Convenient House Calls

The Front Page of the New York Times today is entitled, Health Care Costs Rising Twice as much as inflation. How long will the American public stand for the poor continuity and service and outdated systems that in network physician system provides?? Essentially we are paying Blue Cross Blue Shield 12 grand a year, each family of four in America to provide care by doctors who are unavailable and busy and generally have nurses see their patients for brief visits anyway to maximize revenue. Consider switching to a high deductible plan and avoid our commoditized health care system that focuses on " efficiency" ( read farm them in and out like cattle ) Combine this with the personalized service of a Personal Pediatrics house call Pediatrician in your neighborhood and utilize the new MSA account. This will make your retainer fees tax deductible and can be easily linked to a credit card for easy payment. Dr. Hodge in St. Louis is the first pediatrician in the nation to provide Personal Pediatrics care in the St. Louis Region. For more info take a look at "The Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today. "

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