Friday, September 29, 2006

Electronic Medical Records in Pediatrics

Our federal government has the goal of an interoperable electronic medical record nationally by 2014. Why should it take so long?? I wonder. Most emr companies focus on the " efficiency" factor that the medical record will bring to practice. Perhaps this is helpful for patients on some level, but what it also does is further commoditize medicine and further introduce midlevel providers to provide patient care. The bottom line is healthcare in America is that as long as physicians accept insurance contracts and the associated devaluation of their skills, physicians are answering to insurance compaies rather than patients. For pediatricians consider use of an EMR and patented practice system that enables one to provide an incredible level of service and communication for patients. Our practice system is already in use by a pediatrician in St. Louis, Natalie Hodge MD author of "The Personal Pediatrics Guide for the Progresssive Parent." The Personal Pediatrics administrative support system incorperates the latest in pediatric seamless electronic medical record keeping with high tech remote communications and transportation. For more information take a peek at "Personal Pediatrics... The Pediatrician of the Past and Future...Today. "

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