Monday, September 11, 2006

Personal Pediatrics house call system and The Government Accountablity office

The GAO, Goverment Accountability office is in the process of identifying important goals for addressing privacy issues and defining criteria for electronic medical record certification criteria. Essentially there is interest of our federal government to incentivise practitioners of primary care to adopt an EMR. The Personal Pediatrics House call system personifies the ultimate in paperless systems and seamless wireless communications. Now our doc's do this not to provide " efficiency" from the standpoint of patient care ( read: farm children in and out of the office like cattle), but rather to provide the ultimate house call experience for babies and children as well as an ultimate healthcare experience for parents that adopt the sytem for their kids. Practitioners of the PP system get the benefit of drastically reduced overhead that lessens the "volume" game that those in primary care are playing. These docs set the pace for the "Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today. " Natalie Hodge MD

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