Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rise of Consumer Directed Health Plans Enable Retainer Based Pediatricians in St. Louis

It is interesting to see that Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Care both are noting the popularity of their Consumer Directed Health Plans. These insurers are seeing their enrollment in these plans double in the year 2006. Employers often will save so much on the premium that they will then set up an HSA or MSA and put a certain amount of funding so that medical deductibles and expenses can come out of pre tax dollars. Essentially we will see that consumers will no longer stand for the old medical system in which full coverage insurance pays for an hour wait to see a mid level provider. The retainer based or concierge medicine model will continue to proliferate and expand to new markets. Families will be able to choose pediatric care from a Personal Pediatrics affiliate physician and pay these retainer fees directly out of a credit card attached to their MSA or HSA. These consumers will have the advantage of a personal relationship with their pediatrician, email access to MD, direct cell phone access to MD, as well as the comfort of home visits for their children. The Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today.

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