Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What about HIPAA and house calls for Pediatricians

Our clients often ask me about how to maintain compliance to HIPAA in our direct practice model. Well, I think back to the maintenance of Hipaa policies in my old office setting on paper. You do silly things like turn the charts over so patients can't see another patient's chart. Covering up old computer screens so patients cheching out can't see the schedule. Lock the door of the office when you leave for the day. Basic stuff like that. But in our high tech direct practice model, our HIPAA compliance policy comes as part of our licensing program offerings to our physician affiliates. What could be more secure than a PHR that allows our end user patients to see their patient record in the comfort of their own home?? High level encryption at the level of the banking industry. There is a guy with a gun protecting our servers from any physical breach and firewalls to protect the data from hackers. Frankly, its much more secure than the systems in typical pediatrics offices. So there you have it Hipaa compliance for pediatricians running pediatrics practices with i phones. WOW.


Pediatricians let me know if we can help you implement your concierge or direct practice in your market!!

Dr Hodge

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