Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fox Two News

Had a great chat with Margie today on fox two news about Personal Pediatrics and the advantages of direct medical practice. On the patient side you get, well, house calls which need no explanation, but Margie made a nice point about the downside of bringing your children into a pediatrics office, exposure to the next childhood virus!! Savvy mom's understand this!! On the pediatrician side the ecommerce platform, web marketing system make practice management and patient acquisition a snap. We hope to add three more docs to our territories here in St Louis to handle all these families, so pediatricians please contact us to hear how to implement direct medical practice as an additional service line in addition to your traditional third party practice. Don't let Minute Clinic and Take Care Health steal your market share in 2009. We have families from St. Charles, to Wildwood to Chesterfield to cover here!! We need 4 doctors to cover this market adequately!! I can only do so much business myself!! Running your medical practice off iphone platform with minimal staffing and hassle from third party payors is a great way to practice medicine. It creates a huge competitive advantage for your practice in the marketplace.

Warmest Regards, Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

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