Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nice post from Deliotte Healthcare Thought Leaders

So Pediatricians have a few choices in improving their lifestyle, income and professional satisfaction needs. Also PL3's graduating have a few choices. Start in a practice as an employee in the old pediatrics practice model. Pursue academia and a fellowship, staying in that system. Those interested in primary care and entrepeneurship should consider direct practice as the only long term sustainable method of practice. Taks a look at this post from Deloitte on Healthcare trends and see consumer needs fit nicely with direct medical practice. Patients want PHR, they want higher levels of attentiveness and their pediatricians time. Lastly they are picking up on take care health and minute clinic's system because the current pediatric office system is so bad for patients. Don't loose your market share to a bunch of smart MBA's and nurse practicioners.,1002,sid%253D202452%2526cid%253D226453,00.html

We are ready to help you develop the direct practice model of your dreams. minimizing your risk and capital resources necessary to be successful in this model!!

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