Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Metrics for Successful Direct Medical Practice

Have you been following the story of concierge medicine?  As the internists have managed to transition in a variety of models to "concierge medicine" practices, MDVIP and other Healthcare Service Organizations have flourished.  What are the metrics in creation, launch, growth and sustaining a pediatric concierge practice?  First of all I like to use the term "Direct Medical Practice", which I borrow from the folks at SIMPD.  How do you contract directly with patients and grow a sustainable practice that is dependent on happy customers, rather than the whims of the board of directors and executives of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and United?? Well, it's not a simple task and there are multiple variables in execution of the new business.  One of the differences is that parents REALLY like having house calls for their children.  This is how the Personal Pediatrics model evolved.  

One must consider the market, the economy, multiple legal variables including starke law, marketing, new media strategy, healthcare IT implementation with regard to hardware and software and implementation of ecommerce as a method of patient payment.    

Lots to think about.  Let the Personal Pediatrics Team know if we can help you as you consider concierge practice.  We can help you maintain ownership of your existing practice, if that is appropriate,  create a smooth launch which retains as many of your existing patients as possible, as well as help you use technology to create a high revenue, low overhead practice and maximize your professionnal satisfaction and lifestyle.   It's fun running your practice off  iphone platform.  And patients love it.  

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP 

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