Wednesday, February 24, 2010

amednews: Health plan requirements cost practices billions, with the per-doctor average near $70,000 :: June 1, 2009 ... American Medical News

A study published online May 14 in Health Affairs estimates that practices' interactions with insurers cost $23.2 billion to $31 billion a year. The average physician spends 43 minutes per work day -- more than three hours a week -- dealing with health plan administrative requirements.

The time physicians, nurses and other practice staff spend interacting with insurers costs an average of $68,274 per physician per year.

Physicians take a look at this study... and don't forget to look over to the right at that nice circular graph with all the payor profit margins... Don't forget my friends WE are the ones providing the health services. Check out the webinar tomorrow to see the ecommerce platform in action.

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