Sunday, December 03, 2006

Walmart takes the low road, Personal Pediatrics takes the High Road

It is clear to see the two ways that healthcare is heading from the events of 2006. MDVIP an administrative support company out of Boca Raton Florida, receives six million of venture funding to expand their operations. They help internists convert their practices over to a retainer based model, reducing their dependence on conventional health insurer reimbursements. There are several notable companies who are moving in the direction of setting up health care clinics and hiring nurse practitioners to staff them. Minute Clinic and Take Care health Systems are two of these. There is a key problem that all of these companies solve. Americans are tired of waiting around for doctors in their overrun offices. The MDVIP solution is for the affluent and upper middle class. The Take Care and Minute Clinic solution is for everyone else. But what about the multitudes of babies and children that sit in overrun pediatrics practices, getting virus after virus from their contacts in those offices?? There is yet another BIG healthcare solution for children, parents and their frustrated pediatric caregivers. The Personal Pediatrics administrative support solution reaches far beyond the streamlining of the typical EMR for pediatricians. It solves several of your core problems in pediatrics practice. Bill McClellan said it best in his column about Personal Pediatrics last week, "Doctors can't control their revenues and they can't control their costs. The health insurers control their revenues and the market controls their costs" The Personal Pediatrics solution addresses both of these concerns drastically slashing overhead in a never before seen way. It also creates a rare value proposition for customers, a direct agreement with your doctor for a set of services that insurers would never consider addressing!! Natalie Hodge MD Personal Pediatrics Affiliate House Call Pediatrician St. Louis

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