Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Breach of Privacy in California

It seems that every day now I'm reading about privacy breaches of people's private medical records. As we move into the future of medicine, with capabilities of genetic testing for impending disease and so many services of prevention and treatment that insurers are unwilling to pay for, do you want your insurer to have access to any of this information. When you recognise that your insurer will not be paying for cutting edge prevention and treatments, why would you give them any access to that private information, especially when this just gives them ammunition not to cover a preexisting claim later on?Personal Pediatrics Pediatricians will be offering cutting edge medicine in their practices regardless of coverage by insurers. What could be more private than intimate visits at home by your child's personal pediatrician and password protected access to his medical record encrypted in similiar fashion to our banking industry?? Consider the modern pediatrics office, a privacy nightmare. Charts everywhere... chief complaints written all around attached to patient names... loose lipped staff gossiping about this child's condition and that social situation. Thin walled exam rooms that leak the most delicate of conversations as doc's bound from one room to the next, usually seeing four or so patients at once. Having done this for 10 years in practice I can surely say we place privacy at the level of utmost importance for the Personal Pediatrics administrative support system.
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