Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pediatric Healthcare ready for Disruptive Innovation

Healthcare has been known as the last industry to adapt to technology. We see that the infrastructure has been set up for pediatricians to provide better service and streamline their operations, but St. Louis Based Pediatrician Natalie Hodge has built an innovative house call service from the ground up. " I wanted to see what staff I really needed, and that is how I built Personal Pediatrics." A boutique or retainer-based health care model, Personal Pediatrics sells administrative support to pediatricians ready to jump off the treadmill of private practice and really provide a different level of care to their patients, in their home. The concierge medicine model is firmly established for adult medicine. The way that this translates to Pediatrics is by a return to the house call supported by a software/hardware package that enables it to happen. Families reap the rewards of having a personal relationship with their pediatrician and avoiding the infectious contacts in a typical busy office. MD's decrease their dependence on insurance billings by providing cutting-edge services not reimbursible by insurance. The only loser here is perhaps the insurers, who notice a pattern of families combining concierge medicine with high deductible plans, shunting more pay to physicians and less into the pockets of insurer stockholders. Personal Pediatrics The Pediatrician of the Past and Future... Today.

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