Tuesday, August 22, 2006

House Calls in St. Louis Missouri

I hope that pregnant mom's know about an up and coming personalized form of private pediatrics practice which revives the house call. Personal Pediatrics is the innovative reinvention of the lost art of pediatric house call medicine. This is a patented streamlined system of hardware and software that enables a pediatrician to return to a personalized service model for a linited client base. It's win win for everyone. Families may utilize Medical Savings Account Funds for retainer fees and copays to make this expenditure tax deductible. Why would anyone want to pay Blue Cross Blue Shield 12 grand a year to wait an hour in a busy pediatric office with 10 snotty children when you could pay BCBS 4 grand for the high deductible plan and pay your physician two or three grand and end up saving money over all and having cutting edge technology and heightened communication with your pediatrician? The Concierge medicine movement is picking up speed for pediatrics as Personal Pediatrics brings its system to neighborhoods across the country. Natalie Hodge MD Founder and CEO Personal Pediatrics The pediatrician of the past and future... Today.

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