Monday, August 28, 2006

America's Health Care system continues to worsen as doctors are faced with pressures from insurers reduction of reimbursements and malpractice crisis. The rapidly growing overhead of medical practices is a direct result of inefficient and outdated office systems that require more personnel, contribute to patient care mistakes as well as adding to patient wait times. The financial fitness of pediatrics practices is directly tied to the proliferation of nurse practicioners and physician assistants. Practices are able to bill at 100% of physicians fees if they sign off on these charts. Essentially we have the creation of a system in which one's full coverage plan covers for communicating primarily with a nurse for phone conversations, visits performed by a nurse punctuated by an hour wait for the visit. The boutique or concierge system for internists is well established. These physicians provide primary care for their clients as opposed to subcontracting this service out to midlevels. Until now there has been no alternative to typical pediatrics practice. The Personal Pediatrics practice system enables an experienced pediatrician to spend time with patients and drastically reduce overhead. Personal Pediatrics... The Pediatrician of the Past and Future...Today.

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