Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personal Medicine Secures Malpractice Discounts for Personal Medicine Physicians

Personal Medicine International Endorses 
Keane Insurance Group for Medical Malpractice 
Brokerage Services

      St. Louis, Mo., December 9, 2009 -- Personal Medicine International, a leader in concierge-based medicine, has officially endorsed the Keane Insurance Group as its preferred vendor to provide medical malpractice brokerage services to all of PMI’s physician members.

      “We are very pleased to forge this relationship with Keane, one of the leaders in the medical malpractice industry,” says Dr. Natalie Hodge, the president and founder of Personal Medicine International.  “We believe Keane will be able to provide real value to our physicians by helping them find the best and most cost effective liability coverage for themselves and their practice.”

      Dr. Hodge spent three years developing and refining the personalized house call platform creating cloud-based technology and e-commerce platform solutions for mobile medical practice.

      She co-founded Personal Medicine International, a health care service organization whose mission is to connect primary care doctors in direct patient practice relationships to patients in attentive mobile medical practice.  The house call platform is noted as an innovation in "Customer Experience".  She is the author of The Personal Pediatrics Primer for the Progressive Parent, and was a featured speaker at the Mayo Clinic's Transform Symposium in September 2009 during a section entitled "Content, Commerce, Care and Choices" featuring the emerging Health 2.0 industry.  Dr. Hodge's special interests in pediatrics include nutrition, prevention and consumer facing Internet.

      “We are excited about the opportunity to work with Dr. Hodge and the physicians of Personal Medicine International” says Kristopher Perkins, professional liability consultant for Keane.  “We have significant respect and admiration for Dr. Hodge and her model to deliver patient care, and we expect this model will reduce risk and liability while improving patient satisfaction.  We are thrilled to be involved.”

      The Keane Insurance Group is one of the largest brokers of medical malpractice in the nation.  With more than 5,000 clients in 40 states, the firm brokers over $80 million in annual premium each year.

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