Thursday, December 17, 2009

Personal Medicine Affiliate in Chicago Speaks Out

"With the way health care is going, I not only see physicians being proactive to evolve our model of practice as a good thing, I see it as a necessary thing. If we do not do something now to change the way we practice medicine, we will not survive. As a new attending 8 years ago, I was forced to work as an employee for a practice because of my debt and the fact that starting my own practice would have been essentially impossible. They kept making me see more and more patients while making it almost impossible to form physician-patient relationships. I woke up and realized I had become a modern day indentured servant. I think that becoming a Personal Medicine physician will allow me to become the physician I once dreamed of while improving the health care of my patients."

Dr Joseph, Family Practice, Personal Medicine Affiliate, Cook County Chicago

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