Friday, March 12, 2010

iPad - Apple Store (U.S.)

OK today is the day for preorders... will Mr Jobs let Mozilla work on this thing??

What a dream Housecalls with an #ipad in a "virtual office" with 80% reduced costs...

Wow. From a physician's standpoint this has a feel emotionally of a clipboard which you can more easily hold in your lap as you are in the home. Not having that top of the laptop may serve as less of a physical barrier between you and the patient. I'm a big believer in real time charting while you are with the patient having done it that way for the last five years in practice. Advantages from the standpoint of housecalls bulleted below...

1. Significant battery life advance over current hardware choices.
2. Droppability as Mr Jobs has demonstrated is a massive advantage for the on the go traveling physician.
3. Short time to boot up compared to windows xp
4. Potentially better security, less hassle with antivirus software and maintenence.
5. Embedded wireless with fast 3g.
6. no massive surprise Cingular phone bill.
7. Skype application further drops communications costs.
8. 629$ price tag. nuf said.

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Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

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