Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anonymous Response to Personal Medicine Survey

As we comb through our physician surveys regarding feedback on our platform to transition primary care doc's into cash practice. I am particularly touched by one response. 

Question number 8... admittedly leading, but take a look at this response from this Illinois Physician...

8. What do you especially like about a service that transitions you into cash practice?

"Getting paid. Currently, in Illinois, there are 3 insurance companies that contract to the state. Public Aid is up to date on there payments, and has been for about 8 months. Cigna hasn't paid us since 5/2009. Healthlink hasn't paid us since 1/2009. I'm looking at taking bankruptcy in the next 6 months. "

Now, can you believe that?   A primary care physician, top in his or her field, spent four years in undergraduate beating out others to compete and score well on the MCAT.  Then managed to beat out other applications to medical school, got through medical school and applied for a primary care residency, then trained conscientiously to learn about how to care for patients, to diagnose, treat, listen, and cure human illness.  These physicians are the BACKBONE of our healthcare system.  We do most of the work, folks.  We are the gatekeepers.  We provide the services.   We take the phone calls.  We come in and see you on the weekend when you are ill.  We teach you how to keep yourself healthy.  We cry with you when someone in your family dies.  We sometimes attend funerals.  We CARE about you. 

So there are primary care doctors out there, who are looking at BANCRUPTCY  due to current climate of reimbursement.  49% have active plans to transition out of current practice.  Of those 7% have plans to transition into cash practice.   We will continue to enable those physicians who are looking to continue to CARE for your FAMILY.  It will be in a different context that provides reasonable lifestyle and income for physicians, AND provides you with a valuable service, an attentive physician who is committed to the health and wellness of your family.  

We look forward,  as usual,  to everyone's feedback to our mobile web platform solution transitioning primary care doc's into high tech high touch mobile practice.   Aside from financial transparency, transparent medical record access, web based health content updates,  frequent blogposts from your physician about geographically specific illnesses and pearls of wisdom, house calls when you are ill,  What else may we do to serve your family?  What else do you want out of a primary care physician?  The sky is the limit.

To Your Best Health,

The Personal Medicine Team

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