Monday, October 12, 2009

The End of the Email Era

Physicians in primary care, knowing what we know about consumers and how they communicate, where does that leave your practice systems? If you are waiting for the third party payors to reimburse you for modern communication platforms, you'll be waiting a long time. Last month at the Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium, the former Chairman and CEO of Intel took a stab at the insurance industry for not reimbursing us physicians for after hours phone calls phone calls, by making a little fun of their not recognizing the hundred year old communication system, the telephone. The point is the families you care for are more than ready to move into the future of internet based health communication tools and are also more than ready for you to be fairly paid for your time. They want a deeper patient physician relationships, want quality care and attentive service. This is the crux of the direct physician practice relationship of our platform service line opportunity. And your practice is in dire threat of losing market share with the emerging health 2.0 industry which promises to deliver on consumer patient needs, that is with or without physicians. Thanks to all you beta physicians for responding to our survey regarding your needs within our Iphone Platform. We always look forward to your feedback in how we can best ease your transition into cash practice.

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