Friday, September 18, 2009

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Thanks, Garry.

So with regard to Healthcare Reform, it was refreshing to sit in a room full of healthcare " suits" as we doctor's like to refer to them, at the Mayo Clinic this week and hear Dr Christiansen from Harvard Business School say that the current models in healthcare are as doomed as the IBM mainframe computers of the early 80's.  Also refreshing for him to give an eloquent explanation of the phenomenon of emerging models of care and that they will crop up on their own independant of the current healthcare market.

And that not only is reform extremely time intensive, ( three years at a minimum) the cost savings are only marginal at best. The real solutions in healthcare will com from innovators who create massive cost savings compared to the current products on the market. 

And that innovation TRANSFORMS relationships. 

And that is what we are trying to do at Personal Medicine.

The platform transforms the physician patient relationship, by enabling the physician to come to the house.

Primary Care Physicians come see our demo at Health 2.0 con, and Join Now.

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