Sunday, September 20, 2009

Interesting Post by John Chillmark of Chillmark Research about PHR today.

Interesting by John Chillmark of Chillmark Research about PHR today.

Are they linked? PHR and EMR?

Why, in fact they are one and the SAME.

John provides a lovely explanation of the intricacies of permissions, and the consumers choice for ability to view labs here, that is really helpful.

Transparency of the fully functional does not merely "reduce wasted staff time"  it ELIMINATES ALL the staff.  ALL OF THEM.

There is no reason to pick up the phone, because you ALWAYS HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION you need, right through our site.

With regard to competition and "fear of losing a customer" in the competitive health marketplace of the future, one must CREATE VALUE for CUSTOMERS.

Oh, and by the way this solution must be FREE for PHYSICIANS, as well as a  valuable and extraordinary service for consumers.

There is a small but vocal group of physicians who are tired of paperwork.  We don't do business with companies who require " paperwork"  That includes Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Billing companies, and all the rest.

 We are intensely interested in creating value for customers. And we come to your house, utilizing the highest level of SAAS, ecommerce, and cloud based technologies.

And it has to be all on the iphone by December.

You've already heard about us...

Looking forward to showing you what comes next at Health 2.0.  Remember HIMSS is what already happened, Health 2.0 is about what is going to happen.

The PHR is the missing link in the puzzle that enables the Transformation of the Physician-Patient relationship in the home. And 80% reduction in physician costs. Healthcare Utopia.

"Your Doctor Comes to You"

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP
Co- Founder

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