Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 Iphone Aps for Pediatricians to use in Practice

1. Nike Training Camp- This is a great ap from Nike. Teenage girls love this one. It is flexible and provides a range of workouts for varying fitness levels. Has an integrated music selection program that lets you pick your fav ipod tunes to listen to during the workout. Slick User interface with nice social integrations that lets you share your success with your Facebook Friends. I personally use the ap and integrate with both my personal and practice facebook. Hopefully I can influence my social graph and improve the health of both parents and children alike.

2. Loseit.com - Great self tracking tool to self monitor your calories. Has EVERY fast food known to man when you slip up such that you can easily add those calories in too. Can track your weight here and if you're brave, share it with your social network. Loseit.com has nice nutrient content estimations that can help you follow your protein intake as well. I have lots of overweight teens and preteens losing weight on this now.

3. Fooducate- Great iphone ap with an integrated bar code scanner to check nutrient content of foods and get a rating at the store before you buy. It rates foods on an A, B, C, D schedule according to some complex algorhythms. The founder is a techie and dad who wanted to simplify label reading for families at the grocery store.

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