Friday, December 10, 2010

Computing in the Age of the $1,000 Genome: Xconomy to Convene Leaders of New Era in Personalized Medicine | Xconomy

We are looking down the barrel of having the answers to our patients personal genomes. These are companies primarily going direct to consumers. I have had the experience of parents requesting genetic testing OVER our current lab technologies and have been recommending 23and me and or Bayor screen here. So we are primed for a MASSIVE shift in the way that consumers view our current blood chemistry industry and how we as physicians use that information. We are entering a new era of " prediagnosis" and consumers are on board with it. Payors as usual will not be, but it is understood by consumers that this testing will be out of pocket. Furthermore, consumers are NOT willing to share this private genetic data with payors. Get on board doc's the future is coming, well, no, it is here.

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