Monday, November 30, 2009

Mission Personal Medicine House Call Affiliates

About Us




Personal Medicine’s Mission is to be the world’s trusted leader in attentive house call care.

Core Values

Personal Medicine was founded to empower individuals and reinvent the lost art of house call medicine through innovation. The members of Personal Medicine have come together because we believe in the combined potential of house calls and the Internet to have a Transformative impact on the Physician-Patient Relationship. Innovation Transforms Relationships.  These Core Values represent what motivates us at Personal Medicine.

  • We believe that the content, community, and commerce of the internet plays a central role in transforming one’s health.
  • We believe that a human being’s comfort is of utmost importance during an illness and that in home care is best for families.
  • We believe that delivering exceptional evidence based care takes time and careful consideration.
  • We believe that the care of newborns, multiples, children with chronic illness and the elderly is facilitated by in home care.
  • We believe that prevention is critical for optimal health.
  • We believe that families should have direct means of communication with their physician enabled by emerging technologies.
  • We believe that paperless practice and transparent consumer access of medical records is an essential component of best practice health care.
  • We believe that the physician-patient relationship is best managed by physicians and patient families in direct medical practice.


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