Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Personal Pediatrics Affiliates Practice EWvidence Based Medicine

I find this quote interesting...This is reflective of the commoditized healthcare system of in network pediatrics practice. When one's revenue stream is entirely based upon reimbursement you negotiate with the likes of BCBS and United, one must remain obsessed with "one's numbers"What this means is that you are essentially tryingtosee as many patients as youpossibly can cram into the day...

"We might all be brilliant doctors, and we all have the best of intentions with every patient we see, but if we don't know our actual numbers, we can't know how well we're really doing. Most of us will find we're not in the top 10 percent; 90 percent of us aren't, but 90 percent of us want to be. If you give us the information, and you give us a way to work on improving, we will improve. That can't be done with a paper record."

-- Susan Andrews, M.D., of Family Practice Partners, a four-physician family medicine practice in Murfreesboro, Tenn., in the March 2007 American Medical Group Assn.'s Group Practice Journal.

Consider the Personal Pediatrics Affiliate program to eliminate office overhead, practice retainer based medicine and see patients in a manner that is convenient for them and their families. Utilize our web based portal and practice platform with it's out of insurance network precedent and forget all about minimizing " days in AR" Come back to practicing the evidence based medicine that you dream of. www.personalpediatrics.com

Natalie Hodge MD FAAP Founder and CEO personal Pediatrics

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